16 December 2021

After a 6-night hiatus from the public eye, scrutinised long-standing Tropics team manager Bryce Miller has broken his silence.

The controversial figure, known for his high-risk player poaching techniques, came crashing down to earth Monday night, amidst a registration-coo that has landed the Vaccinated Tropics in the hottest water yet.

The organisation posted a message to fans this evening, citing a temporary dismissal of Miller while cheating allegations take course before a committee.

Miller soon took to Twitter to unleash a series of abusive and scandalous accusations directed toward fellow board members and the league itself.

The screws loosened further as he took hit at his long-term business partner of the pairs famous company Mandu.exe.

Twitter followers fear the worst for Miller as his momentum failed to halter.

This is not the first time Miller has used his political prowess to raise the brows of his following. He finalised the Twitter-fuelled rage with this final message to his fans.

Miller is expected to appear at tribunal before a stand of witnesses from Richmond Oilers post new-year.

Tommy Vulture – Desert Media