12 December 2021

Christmas has arrived early this morning for the Vaccinated Tropics as future prodigy Tyson Christensen puts pen to paper on a three-game contract.

The 17 year old live wire is expected to hit the floor for the first time Monday night since a radial break in his arm, costimg him the most of his 2021 campaign.  

Player manager Miller committed the young star just moments before the trade deadline last night, in a mammoth bid rumoured to shadow that of the 2016 Stelmach deal.

“This was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, Ty has the attributes we’ve been looking for, especially in that 9:00-10:00 time slot, he’s marketable and appeals to the younger generation of fans tuning in”

Tyson is the Tropics second academy pick of the new era, running through the franchise’s new scholarship program established by Miller since his formal retirement in 2020.

“I think he’ll produce for us in more ways than one, he’s coming from a demographic renowned for its shameless self-confidence and killer instincts, I think these guys are gonna learn a lot from the kid”

Although Tyson is an untried prospect, Miller remains adamant that on court performance will take care of itself. Miller adding that the prodigy “has that big league mentality”, and if he brings the no-fuss attitude with him Monday, he’ll make a valuable contribution.

But Christensen isn’t the only one mending broken bones, some suggesting that Millers position as player-manager is recovering from fractures of its own. This is as big a decision for Miller as the hot and cold results he’s produced in his time in the role is waning on the team, some suggesting that his own his final chance.

The Tropics face second placed Richmond Oilers at prime time 6:30 tomorrow night, looking to even up their win-loss ledger in the last game before Christmas.

Fxin Splitsizstems – Tropics Media