7 December 2021

In a match full of momentum changes, power moves and calculated execution, Tropics struggling power forward Latch Krause wound the clock back in his best game for the season. Krause occupied the 6th man position in as many games, as the Tropics went shot-for-shot against the first-placed Crunchy Nut.

After 5-minutes of citadel briefing with Coach Muller, Krause would push aside his recent bishop-like form and hit the floor in assassin mode. But before he did, there was work to be done as the Tropics faced another lead-deficit midway into the first.

It was Tsonas, who scored 3 of the Tropics first 4 buckets proving as the lifeline to his sides shaky start. After a controversial pre-game protest to revive the endangered flying koala, Romano would take things into his own hands as he single handily counter-attacked a 6 point run by Crunchy Nut.

Romano would drain an and-1 to level the scores on half time, amounting his own 6-point retaliation to the oppositions earlier surge.   

With scores level at the half, Romano would sit as Krause and Tsonas combined to ‘take down the tavern’, dropping another 6 points down on Crunchy Nut.

With a 3-shot lead, the Tropics would soon experience the wrath of a kellogs-minded culture out to ruffle the competitions feathers. Much like their marketing campaign of 2013, in came the fury quick and fast, a back-to-back 3-point play by Crunchy Nut had the Tropics sugar-glazed.

Blakes men would need a statement by a proven leader if they were to re-claim the kitchen table. And re-claim it they would as Krause unwrapped a long-three, shaking his sauce bottle like a maniac upon a Westmeadows family fish ‘n’ chip deal.

Crunchy Nut would commence on one final effort to stay relevant in such a competitive market, while they pushed the Tropics on a 10-point arm wrestle, Krause and Cuthbert would score all their remaining 12-points to lead a ridiculous assault on Crunchy Nut.

With Macali sweeping the crumbs under the ring in the dying stages, the Tropics would once and for all dis-continue the Crunchy Nut in an impressive 31-37 win over the league leaders.

Tropics have a chance next week to level their record to 3-3 in the final game before Christmas.