2 December 2021

The Vaccinated Tropics have been given official notice this evening that the federal treasury will open an inquiry into a money-laundering allegation dating back to March 7th, 2017.

It is reported that from the commencement of season 17 and onward, founding financial entrepreneur and accounts holder Mitch Macali was battling behind doors with stadium executives.

Executives are accusing Macali, 27 of laundering money owed to the stadium in the form of score-card fees and player registrations. The self-proclaimed “King of the Good Times” faces prosecution before a trial held December 20th.

The tycoon is rumoured to have funnelled funds from the team’s major sponsor, the Plough Hotel, where a close family member supervises gaming and slot machine logistics. The blatant conflict of interest was foreseen by Macalis eldest uncle, Wayne Johnson, who claims his nephew had it coming “for a long time”. A string of inevitable predictions and criticisms that appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Macali denies all allegations, with the franchise entering voluntary administration for the first time in their decorated 10-year history. It is believed that up to 4000 Vaccinated Tropics employees went without pay for 7 weeks while league executives investigated the matter.

Further investigations are underway, however strong commentary is beginning to rise surrounding the much-awaited contract of star point guard Dan Romano. Records have allegedly been pulled, revealing that the bustling Italian has dodged fees for the 7th year running.

If Macali is found guilty on December 20th, he will face arrest and extradition back to Mill Park from his luxury 3rd story penthouse in the city of Boroondara.

Mick Macfraudley – Whittlesea