30 November 2021

Following yet another tumultuous week in the headlines, the Vaccinated Tropics were eager to put their recent fall from grace behind them and begin a new chapter, albeit in a book no one reads, titled Section 3. 

Never minding the how and why, at 9pm Monday night, Blake and his team, or what remained of it, had to front up and respond like never before. 

They would have to do it without a bench as the big names in Stelmach and Macali consider their options. 

The night began in typical section 3 style with both teams puff balling for 5 minutes before scores eventually registered. 

Krause entered at the 6th to fill the Tropics 5th position. With the team trailing 10 points behind midway into the 1st half, fans began to feel a heaving despair. 

With a full bench, the niners called their first time out, a pivotal moment in the game where the Tropics composed. They would return to the court and tip an 8-0 scoring spree in their favour, closing the half 2 points down. 

The two would go tit for tat in the second half, with the niners failing to control Cuthbert (19pt, 11rb, 6ass) as he put up the game of the season. 

The Tropics would shoot 52% worse from the 3 point line than the week before, scoring 1-12 attempts.

With scores level and a minute to spare, Romano appeared to draw an And-1, before officials called him for a charge. Tsonas then drained a match winning 3 for it to be over turned. And finally Cuthbert was controversially denied the foul on a 3 point attempt, the final dagger of the night. 

A hard pill to swallow, however these are the realities you face in a section 3 league. 

Tropics lose 38-40 

Raleigh Gaited – TROPICS.COM