28 November 2021

Mill Parks most beloved team have hit a historic low point this evening amid confirmation that they have officially been relegated by the league.

It comes as no shock to fans as they have endured a horror two years that featured a 4-14 record.

In this time, the Tropics have failed to revitalise their roster, becoming one of the most stagnated teams in their section. This is mostly attributed to the player-lead ban that was placed on roster manager Miller.

This unionisation of the franchise saw the dismantling of their academy program, while also shutting the door to further potential player agent interest.

Currently sitting at 3-1 and without the signature of the teams spiritual captain Dan Romano, the Tropics have never been less equipped to replace the cult hero should be decide to move on and retain a career in section 1.

It has, however, become as plain as the nose on your face that the downfall of the team can be pin pointed to the moment Miller was denied liberties to explore the player market. Competition from below and pressure on starting line ups is what drives good teams forward.

This decision was clearly motivated by the greed of the players to secure their own contracts and is now beginning to showcase the inevitable internal cracks.

More to come.

Nyne-Peam Blender – WISPA Media