23 November 2021

In every season, there are defining moments, plays, and turning points. A referenced suddenness, that is retained in the memories of players as “the make or break night”. The good teams rise, the lessers fall. Fifteen minutes into the Tropics round 4 clash with old rivals 3rd Wave, Blake and his Tropics would face a 9 point deficit. 

Standing at the bottom of what felt like a mountain before them, they faced a crucial character defining moment. 

To climb or to clamber. 

With their composure appearing to dwindle, the tropics would give up a double tech foul heading into the break, leading scorer Romano (17pt, 3ass, 4rb) was benched on a four minute penalty, followed by an earth shaking buzzer beater by 3RD Wave. The landslide 3 collided true with the Tropics spirit, setting them a monumental task of recovering a 10 point trail at the break. 

Until now, the Tropics seemed rushed and wanting of the task. They needed someone to compose the attack, and in this moment it came through a no look assist to Cuthbert. The finesse of Krause was the steady flow the team needed to compliment Romanos intensity. Tropics suddenly had some warm logs, with multiple avenues to score in the post, overwhelming 3rd Wave in a surge of attack. 

Their production broadened to the midrange through a series of classic Stelmach jump shots and Tsonas step backs, with scores levelling 30-30. Romano sunk a 3 ball from the arc, punctuating a night of dynamic shooting from all dimensions of the court. 

With 2 minutes on the clock and the tropics up by 1, Wanless would send down the shot of the season, from quarter court, to once and for all deny the opposition. 

The 3rd Wave were lost in a trance, stuck in on coming traffic with no where to hide. Their pride receding from the top of their heads. Failing to keep above a Tropical deluge. 

A big win for the team 38 – 42 as they look to secure Romano with a week remaining in the trade period. 

Bauled Spott – Tropics Media