16 November 2021

A calmness in the town imminates through the shoe bends and couldersacks of mill park this morning, the tropics are back. 

For the community it was a glimmer of normality, there on court 3, restored for the town and its weiry hearted occupants. At 9:00 they were reunited with their beloved tropics who were matched against one of the leagues most controversial rosters, that in the Frankenstein’s monster of Dream Team 2. A carefully selected string of seasoned section one stars of yesteryear, merged together out of thrifted talent and stuffed into a salary cap that bequeaths the very ethical dilemma that married itself to a poorer post covid player-market. 

The tropics retained their tried, tested and proven philosophies heading into the commencement of the season. Filling the court with the same core players that have solidified their reputation of being a once in a lifetime dynasty. 

They opened proceedings through Tsonas and Romano and from there held strong before a surge of 3s from DT2. The score stretched out to a 6 shot deficit, causing coach müllir to call a vented timeout. The tropics etched back through Cuthbert and Krause with a 5 point return before closing the half 2 shots down. 

DT2 had the tropics in a lucid state early in the second, stretching back out to a 6 shot lead, Stelmach steered the tropics back through an exhibition of controlled mid range 2s. But it was as if the tropics motion sensors were disarmed, as DT2 passed undeterred to an 8 point lead. 

Müllir withdrew his second time out and forged another spurt through Romano and Cuthbert. The tropics drew it back to a 1 point deficit as Tsonas set the alarm for an early wake up call. A huge 3 pointer seen from all over the neighbourhood, not a single screen or trellace was blocking this one out. 

Like the half life of a vaccination however, time would be the tropics peril as their defences wore off. DT2 was lulling them into a deep cycle and before time had set at zero, the tropics were sound asleep. 

Dream Team 2 – 38 

Vaccinated Tropics – 31 

Whett Dreeming – TROPICS.COM