15 July 2021

The Tropics returned to court on Monday night after almost two months in a covid-ravaging hiatus. In that time, the team made some altercations to their roster, with mid-season recruit Bryce Miller filling the 90kg void left by Dan Romano.

Not only were roster vacancies filled in the off-season, but the chasms that lay in the hearts of the players, with the team launching a franchise first ‘Ladies Night’. The benches would reserve for the who’s who of ‘WAGS’, with little room for humiliating mistakes to be spared. Until, the occasion would bare too much for some, as the officials fumbled their way through the player-registry. 14 minutes would pass before tip-off as the stadium would again witness yet another technical calamity.

Prior to the night, the All Stars had shot a whopping 62 points in their round 1 return. With the Tropics forced to wait through their fixtured bye. Facing a height discrepancy like that of two basketballs stacked vertically, the Tropics would have their work not only cut out for them but laid and pinned too.

In the time-jaded first half, the All Stars would stretch an early lead out while maintaining ascendency. With the return of Miller to the court for the first time since 2019, the team would be offered initiatory inspiration as he opened the scoring with a free-throw. Macali soon followed with a jumper from the foots of the WAGS bench, reviving the hearts of the players as they navigated through the All-Stars staggering constellation of talent.

In one final attempt to inspire his team, Miller would wish upon his own star, sending a buzzer-beating 3 pointer home, bridging the score to a more respectable 25 – 11 at the break.

Fresh off a private jet, Cuthbert would enter the game for the second half. As acclimatised to space as he was, the same couldn’t be said for his teammates with the sky falling fast upon them. The champion leader would lay 7 blocks for the evening in a display that punctuated his absolute commitment to 2021.

Cuthberts efforts would lack reward at the other end, with Tsonas and Stelmach joining forces as the sole offensive reprieve of the night. The two would navigate the sky on an otherwise dark night, registering a string of 3-pointers and assists.

Final score 49 – 17

P. Stelmach – 1rb, 1bl, 6pts
B. Miller – 3 rb, 1a, 6pts
B. Cuthbert – 5rb , 7blks, 3pts

S. Tsonas – 2rb, 2a, 1 steal
M. Macali – 2pts
L. Krause – 2rb
J. Wanless – 1rb

Tropics await confirmation by the Victorian Government on their round 3 fixture.

Blayke Copernicuths – Tropics Media