28 June 2021

Many returns have featured in the sporting career of Dan Romano. Some may say that the return defines him. A Bonafede midfielder, bursting out from a past littered with junior club premierships. Finding stability in a successful senior side has forever escaped his reach.  

In the aftermath of junior footy dominance, Romano has been lost to the forces of mismanagement and sub-elite senior clubs. To note a few, the stocky Italian has featured on the lists of cellar dwellers West Heidelberg, Burnside, Lalor Bloods, Manor Lakes and of most recently, the Tarneit Titans.

This 11-year span has returned a total of 10 wins.

To put things into perspective, Romano’s junior decennial campaign with Mill Park were handed the better of just 10 losses in the same period.

After acquiring all five team polos free of charge, and returning none of them, Romano has fractured his relationships in all five returns, central to an array of dramatic exits.

But this weekends fifth return encapsulated a different feeling in the atmosphere. There was something different about this time. It was a far more careful Bull in a paddock out west. The kind of Bull that you see in rodeos, controlled by an external discipline as opposed to free in the pastures and exerting its chaos upon anything in its path.

This return, we at believe, may have stemmed from hostility.

That Romano was made to return, against all will.

We believe that central to it all, is a girl.

A Croatian girl.

As Romano slotted the only goal of the day for the Titans, a scream from behind the goals broke through the walls of every Quest luxury apartment building in Tarneit.

An orgasm of excitement for Romano, and as the octaves dampened throughout the atmosphere, it is estimated to have landed off the coast of Florida, destabilising a 50-floor building and killing four people.

But back to Tarneit, the cheer from behind the sticks has only been described one other time. In another experience where Romano was held hostage in his own domain. Naked, afraid, and with a premium valet parking fee dangling over his head. Romano chose to grind it out then, and much seemed the same today at Titan Park.

When Romano returns, he usually brings with him a suspension, least a red card. But today he was tamed, as if this return serves as a commodity, a repayment perhaps?

Tropics fans await nervously, hoping that the code switch sees no further future as the Basketball season returns next week. Until then, we hope the Return follows similar suit to those previous to it, and that his vehicle is safe and sound somewhere in a permit-free construct.

Bryce Moaner –