16 June 2021

News has broken this evening of a reported missing persons file, thought to be Tropics superstar Blake Cuthbert.

Cuthbert was last seen chasing rats in the ceiling of his Doreen home last Tuesday. Room mates raised concern about his where-abouts at the conclusion of the past weekend.

The 6ft star from the North was rumoured to have been riding a wave of online dating apps leading to the night of his disappearance. It is unclear whether any suspects have been declared by police, with friends certain that a large sea bird is involved.

“Yeah, he kept mentioning a pelican, he wouldn’t let it go, something about tinder and a pelican” – long time friend and team mate Steve Tsonas.

“He was in a daze, he kept calling me while on a tinder date, something about a pelican, he seemed unsettled” – Tropics Vice Captain Dan Romano.

The suspected perpetrator is believed to feature a long beak, encasing a large throated pouch used for catching prey and draining water. The bird is believed to be of Caucasian decent with predominantly pale plumage.

No one is absolutely certain on the condition Blake may be in, as the prehistoric ocean bird has been known to enter a carnivorous state in periods of starvation.

If this is infact true, Cuthbert may have been subjected to a gruesome death. Pelicans hold their prey under water, drowning their victims until finally eating them headfirst.

In this moment we pray for Blake.

Developing story.

Brysea Burd –