10 June 2021

But how EXACTLY do a group of non-english speaking immigrants con their way to lawful safety?

How could they have crossed the Pacific and have made it 200km inland to Mill Park?

Of all the places in the world to seek refuge, why here? And why at the expense of the Tropics?

Perhaps they were mere pawns in a bigger game?

We would later learn that a puppet master was in fact at work. We pick the story back up in a small town on the Mexican-America border.

The government were using the El Paso elementary school as a hunting ground for catching illegal immigrants. But the students who attended El Paso were losing their patience as border control subjected them to abuse and constant harassment. The students took the Border control to court, and successfully sued for breach of their human rights. The border control re-located in a massive win for the little guys.

The story grew legs and made international headlines, attracting the attention of lawyers all over the world.

This one, David vs Goliath lawsuit had massive repercussions, a new head of border control was assigned, and in the space of 12 years would develop a strategy to prevent border crossing. The U.S government termed it ‘Prevention Through Deterrence’. The white house went on to flood all the major towns on the border with a surplus of border control authorities.

This caused immigrants to re-navigate their journeys, consequently funnelling Mexicans through some of the harshest natural environments known to mankind. 10,000 perished in their attempts to migrate to better conditions. The heat of the Sonoran Desert would bring them down, and before time the vultures flock, until the coyotes finally dissemble what’s left of the skeletons

In the Summer of 2015, 5 boys from El Paso high would disappear. Their families believed they had been swallowed up by the temptation to migrate.

But in reality, they were abducted.

Their story came into the hands of a spiteful lawyer on the other side of the world.

A lawyer looking to avenge a disloyalty of kinds.

His name.



Of course, we know him now as the most revered media figure in the game, but it hasn’t always been as so. Voglis formed as a pivotal stakeholder in the inauguration of the Tropics, the original CEO. The tropics was where Voglis first cut his teeth in the game.

But he was betrayed in the early years, and the team pushed him out for his older brother Phil.

Those close to Thomas explain how the disconnection festered in him for a number of years, that things at the Tropics weren’t handled well. It left a deep scar.

Soon after, the Tropics would surge to fame, leaving Thomas with a dark ultimatum, he would begin concocting a masterplan.

As a budding law-student, he would try his craft in the field of human rights. And on his academic journey, would come across a story of a small neighbourhood high school in…you said it, El Paso.

Thomas fled to El Paso and like a vulture in the Sonoran, he would stalk his pray and wait.

At the perfect time he would land on the boys, packing them into a SFIDA Truck (Smuggling Foreign Immigrants Direct Australia) and before time, there they were beneath the spa.

Once the team had grounded their roots in the league, Voglis knew they were protected figures. His research into human rights had led him right to the nest, and by the spring of 2015 his plan had hatched. He had metamorphosized. He had become…

the Vulture.

Next Week:

With the Vultures plan fixed steadily in place. How did the Tropics pluck their franchise back, putting an end to this fucking story lol.