3 June 2021

On May 27, the Victorian State Government imposed its fourth lockdown on the
city, subordinately nicking the very fabric of Melbourne’s stubborn spirit.
These are straining forces, subdued on the town, and threatening to tear the
entire local sporting community into shreds. Most notably, are the teams that
be woven into the lower divisions of Monday night Basketball.

I have been scribing local sporting evolutions for an eternity, gracefully
gliding above the athletic ecosystem, analysing, watching, waiting and at times
admiring the pure beauty that is social weeknight competitiveness.

HOWEVER, there is one rotting carcass down there that has had my name on it
for the past 3 years.

There is one team, one group of players, that no matter the objective, seem
to produce a stench so foul that I’m almost certain their end has arrived. No
other team has been rotting for so long in a state like this. In the past I
have swooped lower to inquire, but a jerk of a leg or a twitch of an eyelid
continues to keep me at bay.

They are the decomposing entity that is the once GREAT, Mill Park Tropics.

A mut of a team, comprised of 7 men, all on seamlessly hopeless sporting

If it’s not a 50-point drowning to a bottom 4 team then it’s a 1-point nail
biter against the king of the jungle.

They are an animal with all the impressive features, legs for jumping, arms
for flying, hands for clutching and eyes like a sniper. As inspiring as those
parts are, they fail to function in the body of a competing beast. And on
countless occasions, lay punch drunk on the floor at seasons end. They
continuously finish the race exposed and unaware of the crippling shortcomings
that lead them directly to their fate.

They are a franchise that continue to pulse on an otherwise flatlining measurement.

Monday nights are their only lifeline, a team entirely dependent on
admission revenue.

Which has me confident that this lockdown will be the final strike of nature
to an animal that has quivered and shrieked through most of its life in the

Winter is setting in, and by the months end I expect to meet their tattered
remains once and for all.

Tommy ‘The Vulture’ Voglis. WBCA Media.