28 May 2021

In a website forum open to Tropics fans at seasons end last week, one fan opened the lid on a possibility that has rocked the WCBA.

The diehard who goes by the digital avatar of Tropparazzi, offered the forum a theory that has caught the eye of those beyond the confines of the digital clan.

The fan speculates that the player general manager Bryce Miller foresaw the latest statewide lockdown weeks before a community case had even coughed itself into life.

“doesn’t it seem strange…the tropics, a championship favourite, finishing a scratch out of finals contention on percentage, while genuinely challenging the leagues top sides”?

“the tropics were desperate to re-sign Miller this year but couldn’t fit him on the roster, they knew their only avenue was the mid season draft where he would slide into their grasp”

“but they couldn’t get him without a first round pick. And now with finals being potentially cancelled, did the Tropics know they were running a dead rubber this season”?

The theory gained most of its momentum after the release of the financial quarter review last fortnight. The Tropics finally entered profitable margins, but if you were to take a closer look at the document, you would find something interesting. Miller himself, who runs finances, charged the team up until rd 12 and no further.

Why didn’t he factor in the finals campaign into scorecard finances?

Was he buttering his own bread at the CEOs dinner party?

More factors came into play with strange player management decisions coming to light from earlier points in the season.

When the Tropics season was most alive we saw the resting of Cuthbert, a very loose chain on Romano off court, and the release of Tsonas to the boozy weekends of Summer.

The Tropics now sit most comfortably in the mid season draft to acquire Miller.
With no surplus scorecard repayments and a season just gone that appears to have all been for nothing. This may well be the Tropics most cunning move.

Brockdown Milo- WISPA Media