10 May 2021

It was the final show.

A 3-game series against a trio of the league’s top talents.

A win and the Tropics solidify finals.

A loss, and the season faintly reverberates into a diminuendo of hush.

Up against third placed ‘Major Keys’, the Tropics fate lay before them on a difficult tablature. They hit the court tonight to a tune that followed a distinct rhythm. To dare to dream, to dance in the fire and to make their voice heard throughout the entire competition.

Those were the sounds of the Tropics score tonight.

To live out their fantasy and play beyond the bounds of fear.

1st Half

40:00 – The Tropics found their beat immediately, opening the score through Krause on attack. Major keys would respond and then some, taking a quickfire 2-shot lead.

35:00 – The lead swung and switched until Krause drew the Tropics even again with a mid-range jumper. Fellow tall Cuthbert opened his account for the evening with an AND-1, accompanied as usual by Romano and the Tropics pick out a 4 point lead.

30:00 – The Keys marry together a field goal and a 3-pointer, (their first of 6 for the night) to arrest the Tropics and clutch a 1-point lead. Miller calls a time-out to haul the momentum.

25:00 – The time-out backfires, with the Major Keys hitting an array of big notes. Back-to-back 3s have the Tropics now reeling and 7-points down. Krause and Blake reply in vintage fashion, and Miller redeems himself with a final minute substitute, injecting Tsonas into a surging run.

21:00 – On the eve of half-time, Tsonas lands a pivotal 3-pointer to even the scores at 19-19. The fans erupt at the buzzer, pleading for an encore in the second half.

2nd Half

20:00 – The Tropics re-enter with the spotlight set upon them. They concede the following 4 wayward shots from the shaky Major Keys. Stelmach produces a mighty 4-minutes under the ring, re-gathering his Tropics until landing a blow of his own on offence. A long 3 from the usual place, the Tall-Paul estate tucked down their on the corner-arc.

15:00 – Cuthbert moves closer to his eventual 27-point performance with another AND-1 and the TROPICS take a 19-27 lead.

10:00 – Tempers flare with the ejection of Krause at a Cuthbert free-throw. The Major Keys are shown the door, the key fits and the game is unlocked once more.

05:00 – Once freed, the Major Keys continued to click-over. In what seemed like a hallway of opportunities, not a single avenue would be denied. Cookie would take the biscuits late with a trifecta of 3’s, all but closing the lid on the Tropics season.

00:00 – Rom started getting angry and I’m glad we ran out of time.

A seriously strong performance by the whole team. The Tropics would outscore their opponents from the field 19-20, but fall short from range as the Major Keys jangled 12-points from the arc.

Key Performances:
(Points – Rebounds – Assists)

Cuthbert: 27 – 15 – 4

Krause: 6 – 6 – 0

Tsonal: 5 – 0 – 5

Stelmach: 3 – 11 – 3

The Tropics hold a 4-6 record, heading into the final game next week against the bottom-side.

Brick Mitter – Tropics Media.