4 May 2021

In this weeks cast from the perch, I hone in on some prey thought to have been well and truly rotting. The torn and tattered carcass of the Mill Park Tropics.

In seasons past it would be the feint pulse of Cuthbert to rely if the Tropics were to produce a revival. But not this season. We are seeing a collective rebirth right before our very eyes.

With Cuthbert shooting more from deep and sharing the load in the paint this season, the Tropics appear to have unearthed a lifeline formula, with its application exciting fans.

Nearing the mid-point of the season, the Tropics somehow, in what must only be described as inspirational, sit miraculously two wins outside the 6.

After their round 4 drubbing at the hands of the flames, the team appeared to have taken their final whimpering gasp of air in season 2021.

There they would lay, rigor mortis and exposed before a competition of hungry opponents.

The return of their MVP Macali after a four-week hiatus, and then the eventual sobering of the palm pack in Tsonas, Romano and Cuthbert would see the Tropical body begin to kick once more.

And what timing!

Currently in a 3-game series on the road, all against top 4 teams. The Tropics have come to life on the dawn of feeding time.

They will not stay down.

Their final test comes next week against the third placed major keys.

Ranking 9th in scoring and 1st in defence, the Major Keys are undoubtedly major tight-asses.

With the tropics averaging 30 points per game, they will need to find an extra edge on offense if they’re to resurrect themselves in a season as tight as ever.  

A team to keep your eye on this month.

Tommy ‘The Vulture’ – WISPA News