26 April 2021

While positioned outside of finals contention, and facing 4th and 1st placed opponents ahead of May, a win tonight simply had to fall in the Tropics favour.

Heavyweights ‘Lebronto’ who average 50 points a game, made a fast start. Dropping 3s from multiple avenues, the away side made light work when building a 10 point lead. If not for a late rom-bomb from deep, the Tropics would have faced a mammoth task after half-time.

Instead, Cuthbert squeezed a late 2, and the Tropics hit the main break with momentum.

With their vice-captain benched at the beginning of the second, Tropics fans watched in fear as Lebronto extended their five-point lead back out to ten. A coalition of Tropics smalls got to work on defence, unleashing Cuthbert on the turn-over, where the superstar would progress in scoring his way to a season high 26 points.

Tsonas continued to expose the Lebronto defence late into the second with 6 assists. And to the stadiums euphoria, the Tropics arrested their top of the table opponents to snatch their first lead of the night. With Cuthbert pushing on offense, Stelmach had to impose himself under Lebrontos ring. And that he did, pulling in 7 rebounds among a plethora of talls on defence.

Wanless and Macali coalesced to form as one unified offensive and defensive presence. The two complimented eachother in vintage style as Macali attacked from deep and Wanless rushed Lebrontos attack. Their effect this evening went a long way in stretching the opponents defence, and constricting their offense. A ying and yang that absolutely requires nurturing into the future.

In the most balanced line-up we have seen this season, the Tropics crafted their way toward a 5 point lead before Lebronto slipped loose one last time. The title contenders blitzed to a 1 point lead. Tropics coach Larry Dunechka retaliated by drawing his final two time-outs, before Lebronto progressed to a 3 point lead.

Tropics find themselved down 3 in a galliant effort with 55 seconds to spare.

Cuthbert drives for two more and with ice in his veins and not phizer, drops the AND-1 to draw the two sides even at 35-35.

30 seconds slip and Stelmach puts up a game winning mid-range jumper, it rims off target for Cuthbert to gathers and secure for a 2-point lead.

22 seconds on the clock and Lebronto attack, Romano crashes in and steals. The out of form leader heads charge down the court for a missed lay up, Lebronto foul and send the Tropics vice-captain to the line with 10 seconds on the clock.

Romano shows the composure of a matador, converting 1 of 2, handing the Tropics a 3 point lead.

With 10 seconds on the clock, and no time outs up their sleeve, a pre-game loss of 2 minutes due to uniform confusion payed in dividends for the home side. Lebronto run short of time, conceding the loss to the 9th placed Tropics in the win of the season.

The Tropics hold sway to clentch a victory for the ages.

With 1st place ‘Wasted Potential’ waiting in the wings next week, the Tropics will look to take the title for league giant killers.

Bruff Mitter – TROPICS media.