20 April 2021

Famous section 3 basketballer turned rapper $xxl-latch$ has caused a wave of controversy this week after the release of his 3rd studio single “get equity”. The single is a 4-minute speed rap thumper dedicated to the corporate powers that control the Whittlesea league. Themes of dis-unity, capital gain and individual sobriety ground the song into an ode for those who seek personal wealth.

Upon the later release of the music video, fans and narration meet virtually in the car park of the stables centre. The audience is exposed to the artist, who is covered in glamorous high end apparel, but most notably, a pair of custom stel-evens.

The ste11evens were a popular custom footwear released by fellow team-mate Paul Stelmach back in 2018. Otherwise considered a respectable move, a statement released today by Pauls branding Chief Officer Brue Tung profusely rejects video sentiment.

“the themes portrayed in the single ‘get equity’ do not represent our company, its people or most importantly, our customers”

“we are a business focused on unity, inclusion and playing basketball for the purpose of creating a competitive and healthy league”

“we do not chase singularity, individual prosperity and capital gains as a primary outcome”

Stelmach quickly drew to twitter, supporting the words of his CEO and declaring a show of support to fellow minority shoe companies Nike and Puma. Stelmach vows to wear a different pair from his competitors range each week as a statement of unity in the market.

“successful people want everybody to succeed, $xxl-latch$ has also worn those brands in other videos…I guess I’m just giving those brands a voice they don’t have the freedom to sound out”.

The disconnection of the two post up team-mates is brewing speculation regarding the spiritual fabric of the tropics. The team are sitting 3-4, with the two tall talents meeting just once in those 7 games. With a game on the road next week, the franchise will be looking forward to a break from the media bulb that is Mill Park.

Bried Laces – TROPICS media.