4 April 2021

Not before the resurrection of Jesus Christ was there a rise from repose like this one.

After being pummelled the week before by league heavy-weights ‘Mimosa’, the Tropics appeared down and out. There were sex scandals, data leaks and a sea of turmoil washing and gurgling the franchise into an undertow of delinquent pressure.

The circumstances called for a saviour, and like the parting of the red sea, Cuthbert arrested all doubt right there in his own swell of layups and rebounds. The worshipped one wound back the clock, and looked hungry, as if playing for his last supper.

With support from St. Paul Stelmach at the defensive end, the two talls denied their challengers dead at the gates. Between them, 25 rebounds were taken without sin, with not a single Armageddon to prophesize.

And what is a resurrection without the holy one’s loyal servants, Romano and Tsonas. The duo went to work from the beginning, collecting donations all evening from their opponents, together they returned 6 steals to the congregation.

Like Noah did, Wanless drifted around the arc, protecting his precious tropics from the threat of mass flooding. The noble one assisted his team in 2s and 2s only. Two of every point he declared, and only twos it was, as the Tropics boarded the vessel to salvation.

A victory of biblical proportions as the Tropics secured a 6-point win, 33-39.

They rose from the dirt tonight, but next week, will have to enter the pits of hell as they take on the Flames, who sit 2nd at 3-1-1-(b).

Brible Millpriest WISPA MEDIA