31 March 2021
Leaked images of player affair

INCRIMINATING images have emerged of Tropics vice-captain Dan Romano, in what appears to involve sexually explicit content. The images were snapped in the carpark of the point guards home stadium the Stables Centre, league rules commissioner Robin Harshoon is believed to be the subject within the vehicle.

The images surface just weeks after Romano’s pending time-cheating charges were dropped. In the weeks prior, murmuring of suspicious circumstances surrounded the story, and at the time, it was believed Romanos legal team had all but conceded defeat.

At the time of the investigation, Harshoon played a key role for the league in building a case against the Tropics veteran. Everyone from the executives down to the media were shocked by the news that deliberation had entered a stale-mate.

It is now apparent that foul play has gone un-detected.

The images are reported to have been dated just days before the committal hearing at the beginning of March.

The rommifications on the league are paramount, as the media await an official statement by C.E.O Rita Doorlady.

Since the investigation came to close, Romanos on-court performance has been lacklustre and far-short of his best. It comes as absolutely no shock to fans, amidst shooting a dismal 5 from 28 in the opening 2 games.

Leading into game 2, the Tropics pre-season leading scorer was asked what had thrown him so off his game in game 1. His response: “it’s the benches, I don’t know where they are, I feel like I’m in Israel”.

Anyone with two eyes and a hat would be forgiven now, for attributing this form slump to the alleged sexual bombshell, and not the seating.

Mid-week Coach Dunechka was questioned about the disappearance of the seating surrounding court 2, citing a refurbishment of the original benches. Dunechka added that a delay in shipment of the materials was to blame, as stock was backlogged on the very ship jammed in the Suez Canal, the MT EVERGREEN.

Fans are, howerer, left to ponder the legitimacy of ANY rebuttal that comes from the Tropics now. There is restlessness, maybe something of mammoth girth did jam a canal last week, but from sourced images, it wasn’t no freight ship.

Tropics CEO and Media manager Brice Millor is also yet to make a statement on the conflict of interest facing the league and Vice captain.

If history is any indicator, Romano is about to face tremendous off-field pressures.

Tropics will return to their home suburbs this week thanks to a timely easter holiday bye.

Further investigations await the team, all news breaks here first at WISPA Media.

Bain Millaide – TROPICS Media