2 March 2021
Romano catches fire against long-term rival bresiano

24 HOURS on from the Tropics total wipe-out of Bresciano, stadium officials are only finally cooling the ring back down to room temperature.

The 6:20 fixture on court 2 pinned two of the stadium’s fiercest rivals, not head-to-head, but scruff to scruff.

The mops and buckets sat ready on the sideline for this one and an early foul by Bresciano sent Romano to the free throw line. The stocky Italian dropped each one and lit the scoreboard up for the opening score of the night. The vice-captain backed it up again from the field to throw an early 4 point lead out.

Bresciano levelled and popped a 6-point run to take their only lead of the night in the 11th minute.

The opposition were starved of repeat opportunities with Stelmach and Cuthbert checking 11 and 12 rebounds, respectively. Romano slid in and tightened the defensive vice further with a career high 6 steals to halter Brescianos momentum.

Scoring flowed for most of the night for the Tropics as they broke from their opponents, the defining moments and final dagger being JJ Wanless` long 3-pointer. Bresciano wore the colourful 3 like a bad wig on a humid night, and from there failed to recover. If Wanless was laying toupees`, then Tsonas was the glue that stuck it on them, offering a match-high 6 assists to his team.

Tropics young gun Bailey capitalised on the free-flowing game, with a seriously solid return in the absence of Krause. And although they were without their MVP-3-Macali, the Tropics managed to make a team high 33% of their chances from the arc.

The Tropics closed the game out 27 – 45 with their first win of grading, flouting some early promise for the season 2021-22.

Brill Reitcher – WISPA Media