19 February 2021
Romano at the center of cheating claims

League officials are demanding an explanation from the Tropics after stand in captain Dan Romano finds himself at the centre of claims that he intentionally delayed beginning of play on Monday night.

The Tropics needed a grading win against the Northern Flames but were without their franchise superstar Blake Cuthbert as he was seeing to commitments interstate. The loss of Cuthbert stands as the antagonising factor for claims of foul play by the Tropics.

7 minutes were lost off the clock due to a uniform clash as the Tropics scrambled to reprieve the issue. Officials question the legitimacy of Romanos statement that it was “an unfortunate oversee” when preparing the team for their 7:20 fixture on court 2.

The doubts centre a poor history of delayed starts for the Tropics, after accepting 3 fines in 2018 for similar indiscretions. All occasions were linked to Cuthbert as fixture clashes with his representative ‘Team USA’ were defined as likely motives for the Tropics to ‘shave the clock’.

Opponents the Northern Flames are less enthusiastic about the matter. Flames coach Warren Ternbuckle admitted earlier today that the breach could have easily fallen onto his lap had fate unfolded differently. Officials argue however that poor prior history for the tropics paints them in uglier colours.

Fans from both sides were quick to voice their opinions on the matter, some suggesting Romano couldn’t have possibly orchestrated a 7 minute delay even if he wanted to. Others not so forgiving and quick to refer to the sometimes destructive nature of Romanos character, “don’t be too quick to forget why they used to call him hurricane bull”.

Either way, officials are sure that investigations will bring clarity to the forefront for spectators and important progress for the leagues administration in their tussle for authority. If found guilty, the Tropics will have to accept a 1 match ban for Romano, with fellow Italian team mate Angilo Miller a likely inclusion for the bolstering point guard.

Brugg Mielpol – TROPICS Media