15 February 2021
Stelmach sporting custom shoes in debut season

One week on, post the return of the Tropics, and we are left with a renewed taste in our mouths. Something spicier than usual hit the floor on Monday night, and it has A LOT to do with the Tropics poster man Stelmach.

It was a solid return from the big man from Windy City, putting up some clean shots around the perimeter. But numbers are for cynics and results for the coaches to stew over. What lingers through his locked down city is the musk of something dowsed in impact.


In a season so un-predictable and due to face its problems, false starts, and the likes…Fans of basketball, particularly the Tropics need now more than ever something tangible, something to grasp on to while their personal lives clatter and ring.

Stelmach is the proverbial orb.

Surrounding you, engulfing your attention and drawing fans in from every angle.He is a unity, a secular experience to sit back and enjoy, he is a character free of sacred obligation, a sinful indulgence in the words of traditionalists.

Not only is he adored by his expanding followers, but his teammates also gain a percussive effect, taking the team from clean skins, cookie cut athletes to one in a team beckoning on a commercial revolution.

It must be said, the pre-paul era between 2011 and 2017 was not completely dry of popularity. The Tropics made plenty of adoring fans thanks to their obvious franchise-tributed ties to Will Ferals blockbuster ‘Semi-Pro’.

But the novelty was beginning to wear, a change had to be made and it had to come soon.

If not for the keen persistence of Miller in recruiting, Stelmach also referred to as ‘the lone pearl’ may never have been cracked from the clam of Windy City back in 17’.

But ifs and buts are words Stelmach cares not to pack in his kit, instead room is better spared for his prized personal statements, those he ties into every Monday night.

Stelmach is nearing his fifth season in the beach blue, and with him a crowd that seems to re-spawn in greater numbers each season that arises.

Only time can determine the absolute definite magnitude that his celebrity brings to the Tropics, whether a season progresses or not, he is a marketing lifeline the team could not have forged otherwise.

Bink Miffen – WISPA Media